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Tad’s Kids Growing & Empowering Kids!

The Tad DuPriest Foundation began in 2006 with a group of close friends who wanted to commemorate the loss of their dear friend, Tad DuPriest, who lost his life through a tragic car accident at the young age of 19. Now, in our 10th year, we have some exciting changes to share!  The Tad DuPriest Foundation has changed its name to Tad’s Kids.  We also present our new program, “Camp Unplugged”.

 The inaugural weekend session of “Camp Unplugged” was held August 19-21, 2016 at Camp Hanover where campers were asked to look up from their screens. With activities that give them the tools to tackle issues related to social connection, self-esteem, stress, resiliency and accountability, Camp Unplugged’s fun and meaningful outdoor experience  helped kids be kids again. The second session will be held August 18-20, 2017.

 Click here  to get camper and volunteer applications and learn more.

How can you help? Refer a child to camp.  Volunteer.  Attend a fundraiser. (Our next fundraiser is our Derby for a Difference on May 6th and Golf Fore a Difference on May 12th!) Make a donation to Tad’s Kids today. Consider underwriting the cost of a camper, $300Click here to make a donation or send a check to:    Tad’s Kids,  12276 Stancroft Road, Rockville, VA  23146.

With gratitude,

Doug Ix, President, Tad’s Kids

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